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Mold Removal Tucson AZ

Hi, welcome to Mold Removal Tucson. We are here for everyone around to help get rid of their mold problem mostly, but other things too like water damage repair and what not.

Do you have a mold issue that needs to be taken care of? Or even floors that need drying from water damage? We are here to help! You can also receive further information on what else we do if you give us a call!

We are able to give you that toxic free environment that you are desiring and craving! We will get the infestation out so you can work on keeping your body well and not feeling ill.

Just a few services we provide are mold removal, mold remediation, mold inspection, mold testing, mold clean up, mold specialist, water damage repair, and more!

About Mold Removal Tucson AZ

Just some values we hold that I would like to share with you is that we are a hard working team. We love getting our work done in an efficient amount of time. We are able to get everything done the customer needs without cutting corners! We double check our work once we are finished to make sure no steps were missed.

You being happy is something we value. If you aren’t happy then did we really do our job? Probably not! Communicating is important to us, so if you have a problem or concern let us know so we can resolve it as soon as possible.

Just some goals we set are to get to every single person that has called that day within a reasonable amount of time! We much more prefer getting to you an hour or two after you call, but the latest it usually ever is, is the following morning! We don’t like our customers to be kept waiting because we find each person's problem as important to the next.

We are a very popular and liked company. Many customers love the service we give to them because of how friendly our team is. We are prompt at getting to you and tending to the problem at hand. We keep all of our products up to date with the latest new improved remedy and system done.

Why Choose Mold Removal Tucson AZ?

Our customers love how after we inspect and test the mold we sit down with them and let them know the game plan. We make a personalized guideline and layout for them of what we will be doing and what we have to get done. This way it may answer and questions they may have and that way they also know what is going on.

Just some of the reasons our company is most liked are:

  • Free estimate
  • Inspect and test for more mold not just the one you call about
  • We isolate the mold when removing to make sure it has nothing else to hold onto
  • We inform you of what needs to be done to keep the mold away so you don’t have a recurring problem
  • We keep things very thorough, not just what we inform you about but with our work too
  • No cutting corners is allowed
  • We are an insured company
  • We are certified
  • We are honest
  • We have a great customer service tea

We have been around for so many years and are one of the oldest companies in the city! We are very experienced with our work and know what is the best to do in every situation encountered.

You can give us a call whenever to make an appointment and to ask for information on anything you are curious about. We are able to give a free estimate whenever, not many companies do or can. We are a very affordable company and make it possible for anyone to receive our help.

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What to Expect from Mold Removal Tucson AZ

All of our products are kept to a high standard. We keep everything good as new and never been used for situations needed. We want our customers having the best of the best and not getting something that can crap out on them and just not be beneficial.

We do everything we can to keep a positive environment, a lot of the time people that call us are in stressed, worried and panic mode. We are there to help ease the stress and what feels like may be a burden. We are supposed to make it lighter and not so awful.

When it comes to contacting our team and receiving our service it all starts with the phone call from you to us. We take your call and set up the appointment and answer any questions you may have. We give you a free estimate of the problem you encounter so you know what to expect.

We plan on someone being able to get to you within just a couple hours. After they make it to you, they inspect your home and look for more mold that may be around that you don’t know about and check out the mold problem you are concerned about.

The mold tests take place to see how much is there and what is all going on. Then the mold clean up and mold removal system starts. We isolate the mold so nothing intrudes on the procedure. When the mold remediation Tucson AZ starts that is crucial for you to pay attention to.

We will show you and teach you everything you need to know about preventing the mold and how to keep your home a mold free environment.

Services Mold Removal Tucson AZ Provides

We provide many services in Tucson and surrounding areas in regards to mold. We do mold remediation, mold removal, mold inspection and testing, and water damage repair.

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Mold Removal Tucson AZ

Mold removal goes hand in hand with mold clean up Tucson as well. Mold clean up is done before mold removal so then the area is completely wiped clean and ready to disinfect the mold.

Mold removal companies in Tucson AZ often miss that step in eliminating the dirt, dust and gunk off of the mold before the process begins.

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Mold Testing Tucson AZ

After the mold inspection takes place the mold testing with be used on all mold suspected and seen and smelt around. We will use that to narrow down how much mold there is and what needs to be done to take care of the infestation.

You have to know how much mold you’re working with so then when the elimination process begins, none is missed.

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Mold Remediation Tucson AZ

Mold Remediation Tucson AZ is where the customer's big part comes in! It is essential that the customer follows the steps given to keep the mold away or else it will come back. They are simple tasks, but it's the only way.

The area has to be aired out and ventilated and with light to keep mold from coming back.

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Mold Inspection Tucson AZ

Mold Inspection is a very hard step because you need a very professional eye for it and in some cases a professional nose.

When the worker comes to your home or business they will look around to inspect to find all mold, whether it's on the walls, surfaces, or even in the air.

About Tucson AZ

Tucson AZ is a city in Pima County. It is the home of the University of Arizona. Tucson is known for its visual and performing arts scene and respected galleries and museums. It's famous for its natural beauty. The sales tax rate is 8.6% and the income tax rate is 4.2%. The population of Tucson is 545,975.

The cities surrounding Tucson are:

  • Casas Adobes, AZ
  • Catalina Foothills, AZ
  • Marana, AZ
  • Oro Valley, AZ
  • Drexel Heights, AZ
  • Green Valley, AZ
  • Eloy, AZ
  • Flowing Wells, AZ
  • Surrounding Areas


"I had a terrible experience with an employee from a different mold removal company that I didn’t even let him finish the job. He was not professional and acted very immaturely.

I called Tuscon AZ to try them out since they had great references. I ended up having a much better experience with them and they were professional and kind and took my situation seriously. Thank you."

Whitney A.

"I had mold growing for a while, but no matter what I did it didn’t stay away. I called Tucson Mold Removal and they came. I told them everything I had been doing, and they said everything I’m doing is great, but the only thing wrong is that I am not keeping up with a remedy of keeping it away. So Tucson Mold Remediation helped show me how to keep the mold away! Haven’t had a problem since!"

Courtney M.

"There was a pipe that had been leaking for who knows how long and my floor was soaked. I didn't know of any companies that helped remove an issue like that. So I looked it up and I found Mold Removal Tucson and tried them out. They dried my floors in just 3 days and helped with my pipe! I was so grateful to find out I didn’t have to replace my flooring."

Bailey F.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you repair water damage?

We do everything we can, in some cases the water is so far gone that we can’t do it so the area has to be replaced all together, but if it's manageable we will!

How long does it take to recover from being exposed to mold?

For people with better immune systems it can take a few weeks to fully recover, for those with poor immune systems that are sensitive, it can take up to over a year.

Does getting an estimate cost anything to get?

We have all of our employees become certified before they do any work, but even after they finish their classes and become certified they still shadow a more experienced worker for a while.

How quick can you guys come to someone that calls for help?

We will get you on our schedule as soon as possible and we will be sure to be prompt for the appointment we set.

Are precautions taken with mold removal?

Yes! We are very safe when it comes to mold removal! That is why we always recommend that if it is a big mold problem that the professionals handle it, because they know how to carefully.

Contact Tucson AZ Mold Removal!

We overall are a very experienced team that can help give you the best experience needed and wanted in these situations. We are honest and true about our company through and through, and if you have any other questions about our company don’t hesitate to ask.

Give Tucson AZ Mold Removal a call today and we will get that free estimate going for you and set up that appointment to make sure your environment is safe for you and the ones you love!

Contact us for a free estimate to determine if you have mold and need our Tucson mold removal services!

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